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Prairie Path Cycles Tech Center Our Tech-Center staff can provide knowledgeable and helpful solutions when your bike just doesn't feel as though it's working like it used to. Owner Mike Farrell has over 40 years of experience working at the highest level of the sport and will make sure that your bike fits and runs as perfectly as they do for the pros. Whether it be lacing up a custom set of wheels, assembling your dream bike or adjusting your trusty steed to perfectly fit to your body, we have the solution for you!


Prairie Path Cycles offers professional fitting and mechanic services to insure that riders and their bikes are perfectly tuned. Our staff has over 40 years of experience working with riders of all shapes and sizes and from the casual tourists to world champions. We can make sure that your bike fits just right.

All road bike customers receive a complimentary sizing with their purchase, so be sure to bring your shoes and pedals! If you're buying new shoes and new pedals then we will make sure that they are properly aligned.

Prairie Path Cyles also offers Detailed Bike Fits ranging in price from $125-$250. With a new road bike purchase recieve a 25% discount on a Detailed Fit.

Detailed Fit includes detailed analysis and measurements to determine the best way to adjust the bike to your body type, flexibility and alignment. 

*Detailed fits are done by appointment only. 


Best for the most routine maintenance, to keep your bike running in top condition.

  • Adjust Gears & Brakes
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Wheel Alignment (To Insure Handlebars Are Straight)
  • Safety Inspection of Tires, Cables, Proper Adjustment
  • Recommended 3-4x a Year


Recommended twice a year.

  • Lubricate Drive Train
  • Torque all Fasteners
  • On-Bike Wheel True for Minor Corrections
  • Minor Adjustment on Hubs, Headset and Bottom Bracket
  • Align & Adjust Brakes
  • Align & Adjust Shifting
  • Wipe Down Frame, Fork and Wheels
  • Inspect For Loose Or Worn Parts

Recommended every year if you ride your bike in all conditions.

  • Everything from Basic Tune-up, Additionally:
  • Remove and Clean Drivetrain
  • Wheel True in Trueing Stand
  • No Extra Labor Charge for Replacing Most Parts


Protect your investment in your bicycle.

  • Diassemble Bicycle, Remove All Parts 
  • Rebuild And Repack All Bearings
  • Recable Brakes and Derailleurs (Parts not Included)
  • True Front and Rear Wheels in Trueing Stand
  • Overhaul Hubs, Headset, and Bottom Bracket
  • Adjust & Align Brakes
  • Adjust & Align Shifting
  • Wipe Down Frame, Fork, and Wheels
  • Inspect For Loose Or Worn Parts
  • Lubricate All Pivot Points
  • TLR Recharge
  • Additional $20 to Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brakes

*Tune up and overhaul package prices are labor only, parts extra.



Flat Tire Repair (On Bike) $12.00
Flat Tire Repair (Off Bike) $8.00
Gear Adjustment* $15.00
Chain Replacement (Labor Only And Includes Gear Adjustment)* $15.00
Drivetrain Cleaning* $25.00
Brake Adjustment* $15.00
Wheel Truing* $20.00
Hub Rebuild (Per Wheel) $25.00
Wheel Building* $70.00
Headset Overhaul* $25.00
Bottom Bracket Overhaul  $30.00
Package Bicycle $74.99

  *minimum charge excluding parts 

Flat Tire Protection Program

  • Flat tire protection for life of the bike
  • $34.99 with purchase of new bicycle
  • $49.99 any other time
  • Bike does not have to be bought from us to qualify
*Coverage is non transferable **Bikes that are brought in for flat tire repairs must pay for the original flat tire, then will the customer be allowed to purchase the Flat Tire Protection Program

    Coverage Excludes:

    • Flats caused by worn out tires
    • Pinch Flats ( First pinch flat will be exempt, followed by a quick lesson on how to avoid future pinch flats)

    If you need services you don't see here, please contact us for a custom quote.